Chem Aid Tutor Hiring - FB and Poster

The Chemistry Aid Centre is a joint initiative between the Biology Students’ Association, Environmental and Physical Sciences Students’ Association, and the Chemistry Society. The purpose of this Centre is to foster an environment that will allow science students to grasp the concepts of CHMB41/B42. Historically, students in these subjects have seen significant pitfalls when faced with numerical manipulations, reaction mechanisms, as well as applications of the concepts of the courses. The mandate of the Chemistry Aid Centre is to provide learning assistance, guiding those requiring help in the right direction so that they can master the university level chemistry topics.

Overview of Position

You, the tutor, play a pivotal role in success of the Centre. The tutor:

  • Will guide students in understanding and solving assigned problems of the aforementioned courses without directly providing the correct answers.
  • Will uphold the meaning of being a UTSC facilitator, by providing and guiding students who require assistance with chemistry questions.
  • Will commit to the position as decided by the hiring committee. Applicants must be aware that they are required to tutor for a minimum of 3 hours a week in the Centre.

Application Process

Candidates will go through a rigorous process of screening measures to ensure that qualified individuals are selected.The process will proceed as follows:

  • Initial screening by marks
    • You must have a minimum of 75% in the chemistry courses that you would like to tutor for. CHMB41/B42 marks must be visible on your attached transcript. An unofficial transcript from ROSI is acceptable.
  • Evaluation of your statements to why you would like to be a Chemistry Aid Tutor (250 word limit)
  • 15 minute interview session dates will be announced.

Successful candidates will be expected to participate in a half-day training session held by the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

To apply, click the link below:
Chemistry Aid Centre Tutor Application 2nd Wave 2017-2018

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