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BioSA Gold Members gain access to hundreds in savings and many executive perks! Member registration for Gold memberships lasts from your sign up date to the last day of the fourth academic year holding the Gold membership. Click here to register using Qpay. All registrations are final and refunds cannot be made. E-transfers are not accepted.

The Princeton Review

Receive discounts on The Princeton Review materials ($400 off any instructor-led prep courses + 15% off any self-paced courses from the Princeton Review) as a BioSA member and attend our sponsored events for FREE! (subject to change).

Lab Wear Rental

Drop by BV304 if you are interested in renting out a lab coat and/or goggles! You can find us near the UofT Bookstore.

Speak to an Executive

Looking for insights into upper year biology courses, research experience, grad school applications and more? From ways to edit your resumé for research or how to prepare for an interview, we can help. Send an email to to get in contact with a current executive for 1-on-1 communication!


Are you taking BIOA01 and/or BIOA02 and are looking for some extra help from certified upper-year BioAID tutors? Click here to join our BioAID Discord server!

Volunteer Opportunities - January Edition

Want to get involved in the community? Click here to check out some exciting volunteer opportunities we found just for you!