Arts and Entertainment

From arts to sciences, BioSA is actively engaged and involved in everything and all! While BioSA primarily focuses on academics, that does not stop and limit BioSA when it comes to getting into things that may be outside of biology! BioSA hosts many events and activities as well as is involved with multiple events as well as collaborates with numerous companies, organizations and departments within and outside of the University of Toronto Scarborough.

Arts, Entertainment and Socials

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BioSA is actively involved in both arts, social events, and media! BioSA joins ARTSIDEOUT annually in their multi-disciplinary arts festival. ARTSIDEOUT is a large scale, campus-wide celebration of arts and culture at the University of Toronto Scarborough. It is primarily designed as an outdoor festival, utilizing both physical outdoor spaces and conceptual outdoor spaces (non-traditional arts venues). BioSA hosts a handful of artistic and social events. BioSArt is one major initiative that BioSA has invested in. Social events range from wide variety from outdoor activities to mix-and-mingles. These events are catered towards undergraduate students of all disciplines!

Along with its active social media platforms, BioSA has its own Youtube channel and produces its own videos by the name of BioSAuce. To stay updated on the latest videos, subscribe to the BioSA channel by clicking here.  Below is one of the many videos that BioSAuce has created and released:

Collaborations and Activities

BioSA helps hosts collaborative academic, social, and professional events with other organizations both within and outside the University of Toronto Scarborough. Information about these events will be announced on the news section of the homepage of the BioSA website and in the events page on the website.

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Undergrad Research Panel event pictures involving BioSA, Co-op Students’ Association (CSA), and Chemisty Society (CSU), held on Wednesday November 23, 2016.