Awards and Scholarships

The University of Toronto and BioSA offers awards and Scholarships to well deserved undergraduate students that meet the requirements for the award.

The Biology Students’ Association Award

The University of Toronto Scarborough Biology Students’ Association (BioSA) seeks to award two full-time students enrolled in a program in the Department of Biological Sciences. Candidates must meet the following criteria:
• Entering 2nd, 3rd or 4th year, and have completed 5.0 full credit equivalents
• Demonstrate high quality academic work (minimum B+ average/3.3 GPA)
• Demonstrate involvement in the scientific community

Examples of involvement in the scientific community may include:
• Active membership in Departmental Student Associations;
• Involvement in research through course work or volunteer or paid positions;
• Volunteering in the community in health or science related activities, organizing science related events, etc.)

In the event that a current member of the executive of the association is a candidate, the Association President will forego representation on the awards selection committee.

University of Toronto Scarborough Scholarships and Awards

The University of Toronto Scarborough offers many awards and scholarships. To know more about the kinds of awards and scholarships the university offers, click here. More information on scholarships can be found here. To know more about applying to internal awards and scholarships offered at the University of Toronto Scarborough, click here. Lastly, there are awards that the university automatically gives to students without the need for students to apply to them. As long as they meet the criteria, they will receive the award. To know more about the automatic awards, click here.

University of Toronto Scholarships and Research Funding Opportunities

To find out about scholarships offered at the University of Toronto, click here. Similarly to find out about research funding opportunities, click here.

Awards and Scholarships Outside the University

A place that contains information on scholarships, student awards and bursaries is ScholarshipsCanada. Check out their website to know more about what kinds of funding opportunities are out there and which you can apply for.

The National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) offers grants and awards for research and projects. To know more about this, check out their website.