Executive Team

The executive team for 2020-2021

Shamsa Qaadri + Abraam Zakhary
Email: president@thebiosa.org

Vice-President of Finance and Operations
Nicki Rostami

Email: vpfinanceops@thebiosa.org

Vice-President of Academics
Yusef Khan & Ahsan Rashid

Email: vpacademics@thebiosa.org

Vice-President of Public Relations
Kendrick Monreal


Vice-President of Social
Julia Lo

Email: vpsocial@thebiosa.org

Vice-President of Graduate Affairs 
Shahroze Zafar

Email graduateaffairs@thebiosa.org

Departmental Events Director
Aliza Khaitin

Email: departmentalevents@thebiosa.org

Vice-President of Volunteer Charity 
Namrah Asghar
Email: volunteercharity@thebiosa.org

Publicity and Marketing Directors
Dhruti Panchal and Mahnoor Khan

Email: publicitymarketing@thebiosa.org

Senior Year Representative
Arishba Mumtaz and Hetvi Patel

Email senioryearrep@thebiosa.org

Second Year Representative
Kenneth Yu and Shenwei Hu

Email: 2ndyearrep@thebiosa.org

First Year Representative
Jessie Tian and Natalie Garabedian

Email: firstyearreps@thebiosa.org