Biology Courses Information

The University of Toronto Scarborough offers multiple biology courses each semester. To see what courses are currently being offered, please check out the following links:

University of Toronto Office of Registrar – Course Timetable
University of Toronto Course Finder

To know more information on specific courses, you can check out their respective syllabuses. The list to most biology course syllabuses can be found here. Additionally, to see a list of all biology courses that the University of Toronto Scarborough offers, see the calendar by clicking here. To see and know more about research courses click here.


Important Note: The course syllabus page found on the University of Toronto Scarborough’s website may or may not be the latest version available. They are intended to give an idea of the content and work load involved in courses. They are to be used strictly for reference purposes and differ on a yearly basis. In general, when enrolled in any university course at the University of Toronto, always obtain the syllabus from your course instructor or from your course home-page.