Research Opportunities

Internal Research Opportunities

While there are countless number of research opportunities within the University of Toronto, all research opportunities and positions are very competitive on all three campuses, Scarborough, St. George, and Mississauga. In general, undergraduate students within the University of Toronto can apply to any research positions on any of the three campuses. However, this depends on the requirements of the positions. For that reason, it is highly encourage (if not mandatory) to read the position requirements prior to applying for a position.

Research opportunities and research related information within the University of Toronto can be found in multiple place sand locations. Some of the places where research positions and information can be found in the following places:

University of Toronto Scarborough Department of Biology – Available Research Opportunities
University of Toronto Career Learning Network (CLN)
University of Toronto Scarborough Research Catalogue
University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine
University of Toronto Research and Innovation
Undergraduate Research Opportunities at the St. George Campus
University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine – Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomedical Research
University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine – Banting & Best Diabetes Centre

External Research Opportunities

There are many places outside of the University of Toronto that have opportunities for undergraduate students as well. Many hospitals, healthcare centres, clinics, and other medical and healthcare institutions are constantly seeking proactive undergraduate students to work in their labs and offices. To find some of the many opportunities out there, check the following websites:

List of Research Opportunities (Internal and External)
Research Trainee at St. Michael’s Hospital

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre – Undergraduate Students

Office of Research Trainees and University Health Network (UHN) – Prospective Trainees

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) – Students and Fellows

Baycrest Health Sciences – Research

The Hospital for Sick Kids – Students and Fellow Resources

Mount Sinai Hospital – Careers and Volunteers

Women’s College Hospital – Trainees

Internal Work-Study Program 

The Work-Study program is a great way for students  at the University of Toronto to gain experience right on campus. Students from any campus can apply to any Work-Study position through CLN. While students benefit from the hands-on opportunity to apply their skills in a professional setting, staff and faculty are able to increase their output and learn new techniques from students on the cutting edge of their field. Students interested in participating in the Work-Study program must be enrolled in school, meeting the minimum course load in order to be eligible for the program. For more information about the Work-Study program, click here.

Internal Teaching Assistant Opportunities

If an undergraduate student scored high on a biology course, they may be eligible to be a Teaching Assistant for that course. Being a Teaching Assistant is a great way to gain experience, teach others and also possibly get a reference letter from the professor of whom you were a Teaching Assistant of. Teaching Assistant posting at the University of Toronto Scarborough can be found  here.


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