Research is something that is needed for many jobs, graduate and professional schools, industries and sectors. Research is a great way to get involved within the scientific community, gain experience and meet new people.

There are many research opportunities that are available both on and off-campus. Some professors have labs as well as research that they are currently doing, and they will periodically look for potential undergraduate students to volunteer or work as research assistants’ in their labs. It is the undergraduate student’s responsibility to find out which professors are currently accepting undergraduate students’ in their labs, find out if there are any requirements that are necessary in order to work in a specific lab, and find out any other relevant information required to work in the selected lab. The requirements needed to work in one lab compared to another differ, so it is highly recommended that undergraduate students interested in gaining research experience perform their own research on what the requirements are and how to meet those requirements.

Occasionally, both BioSA and the Department of Biology at the University of Toronto Scarborough will post opportunities on their respective websites for undergraduate students to see and apply to. To find course-based research opportunities, click here. To find internal (within University of Toronto Scarborough) and external (outside University of Toronto Scarborough) opportunities, click here.

For more information about research and doing research at the University of Toronto, please check out the following places:

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