Video Initiative Project

The Video Initiative Project was founded in 2017 to help UTSC students make more informed decisions regarding enrollment in biology programs. Thanks to funding from the Centre for Teaching and Learning and partnership with the Biology Department Faculty, we successfully developed two informative videos highlighting the student experience in the Human Biology and Conservation and Biodiversity Programs (below). Videos can also be accessed from the UTSC Biology Department website at and

Thanks to our Video Initiative Team and friends for their contributions to the project.

Conservation Biology


Human Biology

Sauliha Alli, Video Initiative Director, Biology Students’ Association
Mark McKee, Videographer & Editor, Centre for Teaching and Learning
Dr. Blake Richards, Grant Recipient & Faculty Advisor, Department of Biological Sciences
Dr. Shelley Brunt, Faculty Advisor, Department of Biological Sciences
Dr. Ivana Stehlik, Faculty Advisor, Department of Biological Sciences

Ellie Kubisz
Hassan Syed
Karthik Potluri
Sara Aman
Evangeline Tsagarakis
Mariam Issa
Shamsa Qaadri
Rabia Ahmed
Nivetha Chandran
Aanal Mehta

Kajan Ravindran, Drone Videography, Fusion Radio
Joanne Pearce, Lab Coordinator, Department of Biological Sciences
Lola Rudin, Coordinator, User Services, UTSC Library

Human Biology Video
Kevin Naismith
Sauliha Alli
Fatah Awil
Arianne Pusung

Conservation and Biodiversity Video
Stephen Grabinsky
Sara Aman
Gabrielle Bissessar
Lachtin Poon
Menilek Beyene
Adriano Roberto
Dr. Ivana Stehlik

Megann Davidson
Jason Ngo
Mariah Ramlogan
Dr. Jason Weir
Aniqa Liya