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BioSA x EMRG Winter 2020 CPR Certification
Want to get your CPR Certification? BioSA is teaming up with EMRG on January 11th and 12th for the first CPR Certification of the year! Click here to find out more!
Prof VS Students Basketball
Represent the students as we face off against the Profs in our annual Prof VS Students Basketball game.Click here to find out more!
Conversations with Bioloigists 
BioSA and the Dept. of Biological Sciences will be hosting the next part of the ‘Conversations with Biologists’ lecture series during the first week back to school in January 2020.Click here to find out more!
Gold Membership Sales!
To find out about our gold membership perks, click here



Events Calendar

Stay up to date with our events by viewing the calendar below and viewing our Facebook page regularly.



There are several services that BioSA offers. These services are there to assist and support students with both biology courses and chemistry courses. Theses services are:

BioAid Centre


Chem Aid Centre


Lab Coat Rentals

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