The Biology Student Association (BioSA) represents all students in Biological Sciences programs at University of Toronto Scarborough.


Annual Elections
BioSA will be having its annual elections at the end of March. This a great opportunity to be a part of our BioSA exec team!  For more information, click here 
Diversity in Medicine
BioSA is hold its first ever Diversity in Medicine seminar, featuring a presentation from current McMaster medical school student and UTSC alumna, in hopes to inspire advocacy for diversity in this generation of future medical students and beyond. For more information, click here
Clinical Volunteering
Looking to gain some experience in a healthcare facility? Want to experience the inner-workings of a hospital environment? BioSA has just the event for you! Click here for more information.
Gold Membership Sales!
To find out about our gold membership perks, click here

Events Calendar 

Stay up to date with our events by viewing the calendar below and viewing our Facebook page regularly.


There are several services that BioSA offers. These services are there to assist and support students with both biology courses and chemistry courses. Theses services are:

BioAid Centre


Chem Aid Centre


Lab Coat Rentals

Meet our Execs