The Biology Student Association (BioSA) represents all students in Biological Sciences programs at University of Toronto Scarborough.


Personal Hygiene Drive
BioSA and Hygiene on Wheels are collaborating together to help those in need. To find out more on the Personal Hygiene Drive and how you can get involved, click here
Subject POST Panel
BioSA will be hosting a panel on subject posts. This is a great opportunity to find out more about the biology programs at the University of Toronto Scarborough. To find out more, click here
Annual Elections
Interested in becoming a part of the BioSA executive team? Now you can! BioSA will be having their annual elections on April 9, 2018. To find out more and download the application form, click here
Volunteer at University Health Network
BioSA will be holding a Volunteer at UHN information session. To find out more, click here
MCAT and Medical Symposium
In collaboration with The Princeton Review, BioSA will be hosting a Medical Symposium. For more information, click here


There are several services that BioSA offers. These services are there to assist and support students with both biology courses and chemistry courses. Theses services are:

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            BioAid Centre                                           Chem Aid Centre                                       Lab Coat Rental


The newsletter is an ongoing initiative that provides students with information related opportunities that allow students to give back to the community.