BioSA represents all students in Biological Science programs (Specialists, Majors and Minors) at University of Toronto Scarborough.


BioSA acts as a forum for these students to voice their opinions and concerns and serves as a bridge between the Department of Biological Sciences and the students.


We offer many events and seminars on post-degree opportunities and ways to enhance their experience while pursuing their undergraduate degree. We also offer opportunities to give back to the community while providing members with the resources to further their exploration of science related career paths.


You can view our constitution for the 2023-2024 year here.



Mickaela Bautista

Human Biology (Major) and Psychology (Major)

Mickaela is one of the Co-Presidents for this year. This is now her third year on BioSA, and she feels that it has been such a rewarding experience being able to connect with those in her program and to be part of an amazing team. The team has some amazing plans in store for this year, and she is super excited!

Fun fact: I have a cat named Mango!

IMG_0561 2 - BioSA President

Aditi Bansal

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (Specialist)

Aditi joined BioSA in her second year and she has found some of her closest friends here ever since. As a Co-President today, she wants to help curate opportunities that makes biology education more accessible and equitable. She wants to make your undergrad years fun and fruitful. The events this year will aim to equip students for their post-graduate life as best as possible.

Fun fact: When I am not working at the lab, working on BioSA prep or going to class, I enjoy reading and watching Formula 1 [Lewis Hamilton is an 8 time WC 😤]

Vice-Presidents of Academics

Danielle Nanquil

Human Biology (Major) and Health Studies (Major)

Danielle joined BioSA to help biology students navigate the STEM field. She enjoys planning informative and fun events for the student body. She looks forward to hosting the Prof Mix n Mingle and the Life Science Research Night.

Fun Fact: Danielle loves to binge watch old Disney shows!

Simran Batther

Human Biology (Major) and Mental Health Studies (Major)

Simran joined BioSA so she would get the opportunity to be behind the scenes of many amazing events. One event she is especially excited for this year is BioSA’s annual Prof Mix N Mingle. She hopes to voice any academic concerns students may have and allow students to learn more about career opportunities. Feel free to reach out to her if you have any questions/concerns.

Fun Fact: My favourite TV show is B99!

Vice-President of Graduate Affairs

Solomon Tse

Psychology (Specialist Co-Op) and Biology (Minor)

Solomon (Solo) is a 4th Year Psychology (Specialist Co-Op) + Biology (Minor) student at UTSC and serves as BioSA’s VP of Graduate Affairs for the 2023-2024 Year. He loves engaging in and discussing various types of media (such as gaming, film/tv, anime, music and art+photography). He hopes to help inform and guide students in their undergrad about possible postgrad ventures they may embark on. Please feel free to suggest anything you’re interested in.

Fun fact: Due to my love for Spider-Man, I once jumped down 20 steps which spurred a love of parkour when I was little

Vice-President of Public Relations

Wania Qamar

Human Biology (Major), Molecular Biology, Immunology & Disease (Major), and Psychology (Minor)

Wania Qamar is the Vice President of Public Relations of BioSA this academic year! She is doing a double major in Human Biology and Molecular Biology, Immunology & Disease with a minor in Psychology. She looks forward to all the wonderful events this year! She enjoys painting and drawing!

Fun fact: I enjoy art, painting, and drawing!

Vice-President of Finance and Operations

Papina Gnaneswaran

Human Biology (Major) and Biochemistry (Major)

Papina joined BioSA to contribute to the effort of connecting biology students with extended opportunities, services, and resources. She is looking forward to another year full of exciting events, and the iconic BioSA couch + pink blanket combo for power naps.

Fun fact: In my free time, I enjoy biking, trying new restaurants, and binge watching KUWTK.

Vice-President of Social

Grace Hlal

Human Biology (Major) and Psychology (Major)

Grace is in her final year pursuing a double major in Human Biology and Psychology. This is her second year being a part of BioSA and she is very excited to be working with such a great team while serving the student body. In her free time, she likes to embroider, tend to her plants, and walk her beloved dog Simba.

Fun fact: I spent 24 hours in the library


Urooba Shaikh

Molecular biology, immunology, and disease (Major)

Urooba is a third year student in the Molecular Biology major program. She joined BioSA to meet other people who love biology (and who know how to write lab reports!). In her free time, she loves to read and bake. She hopes to make meaningful contributions to all the amazing work BioSA plans to do this year!

Fun fact: I own 3 copies of my favourite book, Six of Crows

Academics Director

Maria Zimmermann

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (Specialist)

Maria Zimmermann came from Brazil, and she is going into Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Specialist in her third year. Her hopes for this year are to inspire and help as many biology students as she can, so everyone feels like a part of this incredible community. She loves giving advice and helping others, whenever you need, she’s here for you!

Fun fact: PS: I’m only here because of free food and the couch

Volunteer and Charity Director

Kishora Ravichandran

Biochemistry (Major) and Molecular Biology (Major)

Kishora is the Volunteer and Charity Director this year after being a webmaster in BioSA for the past two years. She is looking forward to informing students of volunteer opportunities throughout the year and holding fundraiser events to help support various causes. In her free time, she enjoys watching or reading anything that falls under horror or thriller, and she also loves going on walks.

Fun fact: One fun fact about me is that I am very indecisive – I often like to roll a dice or spin a spinner to make choices for me!

Medical Sciences Director

Jude Demyati

Human Biology (Major) and Neuroscience (Major)

Jude joined BioSA because of the profound influence it had on him during his first year. His experience with BioSA has been immensely beneficial, and he is eagerly looking forward to extending this same service to others through the events he plans to organize.

Fun fact: I spend a lot of time outside and exploring nature.

Departmental Events Director

Kobiga Seralathan

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (Specialist)

Kobiga joined BioSA because of the warm community, fun events and chance to make a difference (from the famous BioSA couch)! Being a first year representative as she began university was a key foundation of her university experience and helped her become familiar with the journey of a Biological Sciences student. This opportunity made her want to help other students just like her with personal and professional growth! She’s most excited for the Professors VS Students Olympics. She enjoys reading fantasy fiction novels, arts and crafts and indulging in sugary treats!

Fun fact: I love travelling and exploring new things!

Publicity and Marketing Directors

Tiffany Bishun

Molecular Biology, Immunology and Disease (Major) and Psychology (Major)

Tiffany is excited to join the BioSA team this year to bring her expertise and abilities! She is thrilled to work with other passionate biology students to help promote an inclusive school atmosphere! She joined BioSA to contribute to the effort of enhancing student experience in biology by helping to provide resources and support. She is looking forward to all the amazing events we have planned for this year!

Fun fact: I’m a hugeee Disney fan! 🙂

Alexandra Fernandez

Integrative Biology (Specialist) and Applied Statistics (Minor)

Ally is in her 2nd year, and is doing a specialist in Integrative Biology, with an Applied Statistics minor. This year with BioSA, she wishes to get the community excited about the events running this year through her creative role on the team. In her free time she loves gaming with friends and going to bed early. In the future she hopes to do field work, studying population dynamics in a changing climate.

Fun fact: I can name where every country in the world is

Jessie Tian

Jessie joined BioSA to build a stronger connection with the students and faculty in her courses at UTSC. She looks forward to bringing BioSA’s event ideas to life and helping them be recognized for how much they benefit the students through posters and marketing that hopefully brings justice to the club’s hard work and dedication.

Fun fact: I have a pet albino cockatiel!

Sebastian Velez-Canola

Sebastian is in his first year in BIOSA and he is so happy to be a part of this amazing team. He joined BIOSA because he wanted to feel more connected with the UTSC community and bring more excitement to his university experience. He hopes to be able to do the same for all of you!

Fun fact: Suits is one of my favourite shows.

Senior Year Representative

Zaynab Azeem

Zaynab joined BioSA to continue her commitment to the infamous couch and to contribute to the best DSA on campus in creating resources for you lovely folks 🙂

Sumaiya Ahmed Ridi

Human Biology (Major) and Neuroscience (Major)

Sumaiya joined BioSA In hopes of making biology students’s future bright. Along with connecting them to skills, opportunities, she desires to host/help organize fun events for Bio students. Future aspirations is to contribute to the community as a health care professional and the event she’s looking forward to is the students vs Prof olympics and the research lab symposium. Her hobbies are connecting with people, attending socials and watching kdramas.

Fun fact: I can speak 5 languages and have watched more than 100 kdramas by now 🙂

Second Year Representatives

Shennel Simpson

Population Health (Major) and Biology (Major) and Biology (Minor)

Shennel Simpson is one of the Second Year Representatives for BioSA this year! She joined BioSA because she loved the events they hosted last year, and she’s looking forward to the Women In Sciences Panel (which she will be hosting!) She enjoys writing and reciting poems, and connecting students to extracurricular, voluntary, and paid opportunities – so if you need help don’t be afraid to ask her for advice!

Fun fact: Nelson Mandela and I share the same birthday!

Ishaan Kaushik

BioSA was one of the main organizations which allowed Ishaan to learn more about his dream field in research and medicine as well as have fun events that allowed him to. His hobbies are playing the drum, cricket and football. His favourite movie is Mission Impossible 3.

Fun fact: I love Eminem and the Artic Monkeys.

First Year Representatives

Shafin Shah

Shafin is a first year student here at UTSC studying life science. As first year representative he plans on showcasing the resources of BioSA to fellow first year students. His future plans are getting into medical school and helping as many people as he can along the way.

Fun fact: I play tennis at a pretty high level and I’ve won many tournaments across Ontario!

Thiago Moura Estevao Caixeta

Thiago joined BioSA because he is a full-time fangirl when it comes to biology. He looks forward to expand this fandom and get new contacts in this field.

Fun fact: I have a really maleable nose. I also love RuPaul’s Drag Race.


Shayamikka Ravichandran

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (Specialist Co-op)

Shayamikka joined BioSA so that she could connect biology students at UTSC to the services, resources, and opportunities they need for their courses and post-degree pursuits. She has a strong passion for genetics, developmental biology, and immunology! She is looking forward to the upcoming events planned for the year!

Fun fact: I enjoy cooking and I run a small business with my friend!

Stay tuned for more hiring information!
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